• November 2017Journal Issues in Early Education, Volume 2017-2:
    Potential of Language in Education is published
  • July 2017To better support the network, the ERL website is modified
  • June 2017Co-publication 'EDUCATIONAL ROLE OF LANGUAGE' comes out
  • June 2017To make room for more academics, the key areas are renamed:

    LANGUAGE BELIEFS (formerly: Potential of Language for General Education)
    LANGUAGE ACTIVITY (formerly: Language Activity of Children)
    LANGUAGE EXPERIENCE (formerly: Personal Experience of Language)
    LANGUAGE MATRICES (formerly: Language Matrixes of Reality Interpretation)

  • May 2017Journal Issues in Early Education, Volume 2017-1:
    Experiencing Language vs Education is published
  • February 2017To promote mutual application of study tools, TOOLBOX is introduced
  • September 2016To keep the ERL academics closer together, the ERL Network is initated
  • June 2016To systematise the scope of ERL, four areas are recognised:
    Potential of Language for General Education
    Language Activity of Children
    Personal Experience of Language
    Language Matrixes of Reality Interpretation
  • Language PoolLANGUAGE POOL