Let’s join (pedagogically-linguistic) academic forces!


(PREMISES) Considering the fact(s) that every school determines

what students think OF language, i.e. students’
(students’ views on
listening, speaking, reading, and writing)
what students do WITH language, i.e. students’
(students’ actions consisting in
listening, speaking, reading, and writing)
how students feel ABOUT language, i.e.
(students’ emotions concerning
listening, speaking, reading, and writing)
how students perceive THROUGH language, i.e.
(students’ world image as shaped by
listening, speaking, reading, and writing)

on the level of an individual, society, culture and reality,

(ASPIRATIONS) the point of this initiative consists in:

- carrying out GLOBALLY COORDINATED STUDIES within and across various countries and their educational systems (assumed to differ within and across the four areas shown above), and


- systematising research problems and methodologies applied in pedagogically-linguistic studies, and


- engaging academics falling into the four areas wishing to cooperate within and across them, and


- bringing the world of language and the world of educational science closer together.


(SUBJECT MATTER) The above can be presented graphically:

To learn more, read the text outlining the reasoning followed: ERL SCOPE AND SOCIAL COMPLEXITY


Please peruse the text at some point so that we can all consistently follow systematic rationale.


(SCIENTISTS INVOLVED) The above is to be studied two- and three-dimensionally.

  AREA SKILL REALM Question arising
Example 1 (2D) Language Beliefs Reading X What do pupils believe they read for?
Example 2 (3D) Language Affect Writing Society What do schools do to promote students’ liking for writing
Example 3 (2D) Language Activity X Man What is the role of language in knowledge construction?
Example 4 (3D) Language Matrices Speaking Culture How are subskills of speaking presented by official educational documents?


To join in, follow the procedure presented here: ERL 4-AREA COORDINATED RESEARCH


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