Within the entire ERL Network, we establish teams, who share interests and who study and publish jointly. We do so on the basis of two sources of academic data: (a) narrower specification: ERL profiles shown alphabetically and also grouped by area/topic as ERL PEOPLE, and (b) wider specification: Participant Forms filled in by all those eager to contribute to ERL projects.

Our projects and tasks cover a very extensive scope, the essence of which comprises 4 areas:


For our studies to encompass this broad ERL scope,

(a) we seek and develop cooperation with academics whose research falls within any of the four areas. We view their studies as complementary to one another and thus undertake comprehensive ERL RESEARCH, and


(b) we also undertake to carry out projects and various tasks with those whose interests cut across the four areas, four skills, four educational domains and educational systems. We believe that such studies call for explicit interdisciplinarity and encourage you to take a look or come up with your own ERL RESEARCH PROPOSAL.